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Adjustable Pants!

It seems trousers are the "it" thing these days, and as someone who always reaches for pants, I couldn't resist. I should also mention I realized I desperately need new pants in my wardrobe, so this make was inevitable. Now, I've had the idea of adding adjustable feature to my waistband ever since I made an adjustable skirt. I really love the idea of being able to wear the same garment with a fluctuating body (because that's the reality of bodies, right?). I have searched the internet for ideas, specifically menswear and historical garments for inspiration. I've seen buckles, elastic, and buttons as part of these adjustable features in men's trousers. And of course, I could not resist my attempt at reverse engineering them - it is part of the fun after all. During my search, I stumbled upon a blog by I want to be a Turtle, and decided to follow their tutorial to make an adjustable waistband on trousers. ( Link to their tutorial here ). Major ku

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