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Wedding Sewing 10: Final Reveal

Yay, we made it to the final reveal! What a journey this was. I had some final accessories to complete my wedding dress photo shoot. Final Accessories I really loved the earrings I picked up from Japan. They're mizuhiki knots that represent plum blossoms.       Mizuhiki knot earrings In an effort to beautify my hair-do, I also attempted to make a beaded hair accessory using jewelry wires I had on hand. The final result ended up too big for my head, and it just wasn't the vibe I wanted. In the end, I used a small sample that I was practicing with for the pictures. The subtlety of it is much more... me.   Hair accessory was way too big Practice sample fits much better Cost Before I photo-dump on here, I’d like to address how much it would have cost me for a bespoke dress like this. I spent about 14 weeks averaging 30 hours per week on the dress. Using $15 per hour as labor cost: 30 hours * $15/hour = $6300. Between the $600 materials and the labor, this would have cost me close

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